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Originally Posted by topdog123 View Post
I often take tennis lessons and then I want to go and practice on my ball machine for a couple of hours.

Today I was playing and a couple walked up and was wanting to play. I had been playing about 45 minutes, but I needed to practice about another 45 minutes to an hour to get all of the reps I have to get in after taking the tennis lesson.

How much time should I have taken to continue playing in that situation? (I should probably note, that I offered them directions to other courts that were pretty close, if they didn't want to wait).

What if someone walks up and I'm playing doubles or singles?


In my opinion, it is bad form and rude to use a ball machine by yourself while people are waiting to play on a public court. You should have let them play, or play with them if they needed an extra person.

Not to mention, if there are no barriers, you shouldn't use a ball machine when people are playing next to you. Your balls are probably spraying everywhere.
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