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Originally Posted by OddJack View Post
Yeah, he says his knees still hurt, but he is back anyways. So by playing does he expect the pain to get better or worse??

Remember last time he didnt play it was not knee, it was a stomach bug. So what he is really doing is buying time and keeping his brand going. He is taking care of his contracts or he will lose bunch of money.

Bodo is exactly right when he says he is not straight forward with his fans and the media about his injury. Have you EVER seen an injury like this? His knees are good and then they are not good, he is coming back and then he is not coming back. He is pain but he is coming back anyways???

Call the BS when you see it, his fan or not, nothing about this injury is making sense.

Just look at the way he lost his last match. I for one have never seen a player who is so seriously injured that not only plays the whole 5 sets but he is so much into the match that shoulder bumps his opponent and even complains to umpire about the guys movements before he serves?? and then he goes out for 7 months??
Have some common sense dude, see it like he is. Bodo is right, his injury and the way he has been handling it is not normal.
I am not so sure about this shoulder bump stuff buy ı agree with the rest of your comments.Spot on.
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