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Originally Posted by Rocky89 View Post
Lynn Barber's article was anything but objective. It is obvious from her opening lines that she was determined to write a negative piece.

I mean come one, she got offended because his fly was undone, how dare his fly be undone while he is getting a massage.

Of course he's not perfect and he lies. He's human, not a robot.

All the top tennis players are selling a brand. Don't make it sound like he is the only one though. Djokovic and Federer are selling a brand too you know...
But Djokovic and Federer don't have disappearing acts like Rafael Nadal he is such a drama queen he reminds me of Greta Garbo.

Federer is a boring individual because he wears a mask and his mask is so tight on his face the fans are never going to know his real personality.

At least with Novak Djokovic he knows he's pretentious he doesn't try to pretend that he's perfect he has a silly side. Djokovic is also more charismatic than Nadal and Federer. Djokovic knows he's not perfect and he's a lot more honest with the media than Nadal and Federer are.

The current hype about Nadal is his knee injuries and all the speculation is something Nadal and his PR loves. The media hype is now is the knee injury serious as he says it is? Just like Greta Garbo Nadal makes disappearing acts he goes away for a while whenever he suffers from a shocking upset or loss. Nadal's done this before in 2009 when he got blasted by Soderling at the French Open.

Of course, instead of giving Robin Sodering credit for pulling off a shocking upset Nadal blamed his knees he's such a nice guy isn't he?

Nadal reminds me of those actors and actresses who want to maintain a mystique about themselves. Is he or is she not what the person says he or she is?

I don't think Nadal fans realize he LOVES the media attention the world media flocking to some minor 250 ATP Event it is great for his ego.

Nadal isn't some sweet genuine guy he's a celebrity he and his PR people do whatever they can to drum up as much publicity as they can and generate as much interest as they can about him.

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