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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Makes sense.

Now, any explanation for kickers not kicking? I thought they'd jump all over the place but are very tame thus far.

Otherwise, super fun and easy frame on all shots. Wicked slices and angles. The 99S gets a thumbs up for me. Now, if only the strings can last longer than four hours...
I am having the reverse issue! My second serves are massively better with this frame and double faults have been cut in half (when "going for it" on seconds), but flat serves I have not yet found the range on and probably miss 3 out of 4 right now. It seems I am "off" just a touch on depth as many of them are missing the back service line by maybe 6". The pace off the strings is great though. Perhaps this is just a case of getting a tad more pace on the flat serves than before, such that even if they are hit at more or less the same angle down, they are carrying a tad long?
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