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Originally Posted by Rocky89 View Post
Lynn Barber's article was anything but objective. It is obvious from her opening lines that she was determined to write a negative piece.

I mean come one, she got offended because his fly was undone, how dare his fly be undone while he is getting a massage.

Of course he's not perfect and he lies. He's human, not a robot.

All the top tennis players are selling a brand. Don't make it sound like he is the only one though. Djokovic and Federer are selling a brand too you know...
So what's your point? Barber's essay was objective because she wasn't going to write fluff piece like most articles about tennis stars. Is that what you want to read a boring fluff essay which 99.9% of the tennis writers write?

Barber's essay generated a lot of publicity outside of the tennis industry because she talked about the fact celebrity culture is indeed a part of the sports world. The PR people behind tennis stars like Nadal carefully fabricate and create their image and brand. What you see on television, in the media interviews is not Nadal's real personality.

Nadal's obnoxious attitude was exposed by Barber his pretentiousness about his personal life was also exposed by her as well. Barber did an effective job of peeling beneath the surface and getting the public to think a bit more critically about celebrities like Nadal.
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