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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
If you want to point fingers, point them at the coach (tournament director) and the parent(s). That's where the real discipline should be levied.
I see your 20 year old speeding and texting, and I wonder why the police haven't given him a ticket,
and you are telling me that the driving instructor/parent should have done a better job.

Chalk, that ship has sailed....

Let's just say that when you see a teenager cursing and throwing their racquet all over,
it is not their first time, it's been done before, and has become a bad habit.

This boy has been playing for a few years, corrections on misbehavior/sportsmanship should have been made a long time ago....

The young man got his punishment by being warned twice, and then third time - defaulted.

The question being raised here is on what appears to be a mistiming of a reward.

I might have raised this question on an internet board, but it is being discussed across the country...

The USTA hired a PR firm to advise them on how to proceed or handle the membership of the USTA on the 2014 changes,
but they consistently just appear to be out of touch with the general public on what is appropriate for juniors.

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