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Originally Posted by Rocky89 View Post
That's because Djokovic and Federer didn't get an injury that sidelined them for 7 months. I will tell Nadal to stop getting injured so people stop talking about him.

Oh my....not again with this Djokovic is so much more charismatic stuff. If he was more charismatic he would have more fans.

Djokovic is no more honest then Nadal or Federer. His PR has been working rounds on him to make him more media friendly and he has been saying the same politically correct statements as the others. You are right though, he is pretentious.

Nadal isn't trying to get media spotlight. All the speculation has originated from posters on forums and journalists have snatched onto that. Nadal isn't a celebrity looking out to grab media attention, he is a tennis player who creates a lot of buzz and profit and surely you can see why there is so much hype about his return?

People complain that he is a drama queen because he talks about his injury, but at the same time people get upset that he isn't explaining enough what is going on with his knees?
Of course, Nadal is a drama queen and of course he wants media attention. It isn't because of unknown board posters on tennis forums such as myself or you. The press are going to cover Nadal because he's a huge international tennis star it has nothing to do with bloggers.

If Nadal was some journeyman ranked 80 in the world would the media care that he missed seven months? Of course not, due to Nadal being a great tennis champion his disappearance from the ATP Tour causes a huge void at the top of the game. This is about money, this is about publicity, and this is about facades and smokescreeens.
If the knee is so seriously injured then why doesn't Nadal just have surgery? Surely, if the knees are causing Nadal so much pain he should get it fixed. Nadal can certainly afford the best doctors and have world class medical care.

This knee injury story is stupid and Peter Bodo is correct, there is more going on with Nadal than his knee injury.

Nadal and his PR people are doing whatever they can to give him as much media hype and mystique as possible. This guy is worst than Marlene Dietrich. He is such a drama queen and he goes overboard trying to generate publcity and press for his brand.

Yes he's a celebrity. In the Spanish speaking world Nadal is huge he's a really big star. Nadal's PR people and his uncle Toni have tried for years to get Nadal's fan base beyond the usual boring tennis fans.

Nothing wrong with that though, Nadal and his PR team are smart he's young, he's attractive and he can appeal to numerous demographic markets.

Nadal does many things to expand his brand and reach new markets. For instance, Nadal appearing in the silly Shakira music video a few years ago. The media jumped it like mad saying Nadal and Shakira were dating but the truth was it was simply PR crap to get Nadal attached to a big Latin celebrity.

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