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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
HIT it on the nail.
They actually would have been doing Perez a favor,
if someone called him and said,

"You were going to the Junior Davis Camp, but due to your poor sportsmanship,
you will not be attending the camp this year.
We hope that in the future, you will conduct yourself with dignity and respect towards yours opponent,
and we will see you at future camps."

Wouldn't that have been more meaningful. Actions have consequences. You learn from your mistakes.

But, none of that occurred.

Or, and this is even scarier, the USTA is completely out of touch and doesn't even know what goes on in
a USTA National Tournaments in their own backyard in Florida.....
Bryan brothers sponsored this camp. If Bob or Mike took this poor kid out of the camp, I believe that the twins would have done him a big favor. He will forever remember this incident and might even use it as a motivation to improve mental toughness and eventually become a better player.
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