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I have an IG Prestige mid coming in, after a PC600 I bought collapsed. I love the PC600, but the truth is that the frames that are still around are not the freshest anymore and the PC600 frames are infamously famous for warping.

So I really hope that the IG Prestige mid lives up to the hype. Seeing that it only has a 317 SW, I would like to put some lead on it. I had thought about a double layer of lead tape on each side, about 8" long from 8:30 to 10:30 and 3:30 to 1:30. That would be about 16 grams. The weight at the top would be offset by a leather grip plus overgrip and, if needed some lead tape to get the balance around 6 pts. headlight.

How does this sound to you guys? Okay or too much. Bear in mind I like heavy rackets. Most of my racquets are around 370 gr.
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