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See how ******** these threads are?

If I was the author of the thread I would have to ask myself one question before even writing something this ********.

Even if it wasn't that ********, do you think anyone really knows? Do you think someone does research and wrote their thesis on walmart racquets from one player to another. Before you write, ask yourself do the 15 year olds who come on this board really know any of the answers to these stupid questions? So dumb. So dumb

If Murray was playing underwater and he had more bubbles of oxygen than nadal, but nadal had an army of fish, could murray still beat nadal based on this stupid scenario? Did anyone major in absurd scenarios in college where they could help me answer this question? Before you write, just think. Thanks.

I don't know what's going on with the generation of youth, but it seems like they are getting more and more ********.

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