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Originally Posted by chatt_town View Post
Nah bro...not at a-4. I haven't run across one man that would double bagel her in a singles match and that's not me taking up for her. I'm just telling you these guys are for the most part spinning serves in. Even he at times got his serve hammered by her if he missed the T or the corner. lol Once the serve comes back many of those guys would have movement issues with her. We were at line 2.

I understand what you are saying about those guys at AA and even many at A-1 and A-2. We played 3 and 4 when we won city finals at A-1 and A-2 mixed. She pretty much handled those guys serves and we broke them at will. I was the one at times having problems holding serve is why many of them even stayed in matches. Since my serve is weak I really concentrate more on my return and volley as it relates to doubles. I think we lost 4 matches in 3 years playing every week for two different seasons each year. We did drop one this year to a couple that lobbed us to death. We have to address that. We do it to everyone but never had it done to us to the extent we got it a couple of weeks ago. lol
Are you on the kind of team where the women play AA for women's season and the guys play lower? I know a LOT of people on teams at the A4 and A5 levels. Just thinking of the line 1 and 2 girls and the line 1 and 2 guys there is a huge discrepancy. I really have no clue what teams you are facing where the line 1 and 2 guys are just spinning serves in. I think you are probably just a bit delusional about what you should be able to expect from a line 2 woman when it comes to returning serve against a good team.

I guess I just come at this from a different POV. I know only a few teams where the women are rated higher than the guys. If they are rated evenly I would still expect the guy to be at a huge advantage. If a 4.5 guy and a 4.5 girl were to play singles I'd expect the score to be right around 6-0 6-0. If you were to play against your wife what do you think the score would be?

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