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I guess I"m not city folk. Lived there from '49 thru '85, played tennis from '74 thru '85.
I can't think of where it is. Rich district, for sure. Must be up from the SunsetDistrict. I spent '57 thru '85 at 45th and Santiago. Could it be near Hoover at the top of Taraval?
Maybe a little S towards WestPortal?
I like to think I kinda knew the City, and was a taxi driver from '78 thru 83.
Is it top of 7th Ave.? Like just down the hill from JuvenileHallDetention?
I'm stumped. Maybe the E facing side of 14th and Quintara?
I really don't remember! And besides that one court next to WestPortalTunnel, I'm stumped for courts besides Clarendon.
Old age has it's drawbacks, and memory is one of them.
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