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I like this thread...having played my best tennis from '77 thru '79, S/V was a natural strategy for most men's players from B (4.5) on up.
Countered by....
Most of the top players today have been playing for over 14 years, and grew up playing baseline tennis, a workable strategy against other juniors. Once they got good, they stuck with what got them there.
Notion of big serve ='s big putaway is simplistic at best, almost not reasonable. Return of serve has been a science, and with better physical conditioning, it's much harder to put a ball away cleanly.
And when the returner get's to hit a passing shot, he hits much harder dipping passes than ever before, and his natural rallyball allows him to hit topspin lobs much more consistently.
Takes a much more all around athlete to play net, as you need to cover overheads and half volleys, low volleys and backhand overheads, all the while needing to be able to hold your own from the baseline on returns of serves.
More firepower takes longer to learn, and time is the enemy when everyone is already practicing as many hours as humanly possible.
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