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Originally Posted by mikeespinmusic View Post
Congratulations you're a terrific troll. You've kept this going way longer than intended because I thought you were going somewhere with intellect. In the end, you keep making stuff on the spot and bringing up stuff out of context as a distraction for a lack of sources. That'll do troll. That'll do.
Better luck next time.

Now we can get back on topic.

Originally Posted by ramos77 View Post
because there aren't many natural serve and volleyers left on the circuit...

i dont think it works as well these days with poly's, but you cannot dismiss it IMO. it is a good tactic given the right situation and at the right time...

mixing it up only makes it harder for the returner IMO. if you are in two minds as to whether to float it back or drop it low when they serve volley, it will most likely cause the returner to make some errors.
I agree that it can pay dividends when thrown in every now and then, but what kind of frequency are we talking about? Should it be once in a blue moon just to make the returner aware of the possibility (perhaps on a crucial point) or should it be on the order of once every few games? For me, it has become kind of like the drop shot, you're a genius when it works but when you get passed easily at the net on a big point, everyone is shaking their heads.
Consider the set of all sets that have never been considered.

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