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As a pro?
Two world pro tournament championships in 1958 and 1959.
The 1960 New Zealand Tour (over Anderson, Sedgman, and Cooper.)
The first Japanese Pro Championship in 1960 (on clay over Rosewall, 11-9 in the fifth set).
Two Kramer Cup wins in 1961 (beating Trabert in the final, deciding match), and 1962 ( a ferocious performance in the final against Olmedo).
The 1962 Facis Trophy Italian tour.
An 8 to 0 win against Laver in the 1963 Australian tour, including the big one at Kooyong (6-3 in the fifth set).
The 1964 New Zealand Tour.
One should add the 1957 South African tour, which he won over Rosewall, Segura, and Kramer.
It was during this tour that the famous incident took place in a South African bar, when the players entered and one South African man apparently made an objectionable remark about Segura.
Hoad walked over to the man, grabbed THE FRONT LEGS OF HIS CHAIR, and raised him up to eye level, saying "Shut the.....up", and let go the chair.
I do not see anywhere that Segura ever returned to play in South Africa.
Incidentally, I do not see that Hoad had any back trouble between June 1957, following a six-week body cast, and February 27, 1958, when his back gave out again at Palm Springs, after he had dominated a string of matches against Gonzales 15 to 3. (Yes, that is 15 to 3.)
Thus, his back allowed him to perform the famous feat in South Africa.

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