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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
I've been playing with the Prestige for 20+ years and have never had one warp.
Is this still fresh or has it gone stale?

My racquet are at 370g strung. I have weight inside the hairpin, with a leather grip, and weight at 10 and 2 under the grommets.
That one looks fresh, but I am guessing it is not for sale...

So basically my setup would be similar to yours. I will slap a leather grip on it and an overgrip, that should add some weight to the bottom. If need be, I will add some lead too, but only if the balance isn't in a range between 6 and 5 pts headlight after adding weight to the hoop. I am indeed planning to put weight centered around 10 and 2. I was thinking about 16 grams, two layers of around 8 inch. Does that sound to much to you? I find when I only add 10 grams I usually don't really feel it, but it depends on the frame mostly. Some frames feel heavy stock, others feel like you can keep on adding weight without really feeling it.
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