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Originally Posted by MattPrevidi View Post
Last year I had the pleasure of stringing at Indian Wells. The running joke was that the woman from Wilson was offering all of the stringers a new Baiardo machine to anyone with the balls to steal the remaining kfactors Delpo had. I thought about it, stood next to the guy, sized him up, and then came back down to reality......
That's a funny story. Can you actually confirm the guy is with only a few Raquets left? And how badly are they beaten down? I am just wondering, 'cause if the rumors are true and he only he 3 or so frames and he's been playing them for such along time already, then they must
  1. Look beaten up like sh***
  2. Must really be long living
...would mean to me, if a pro can use his same 3 sticks for several years, I can use my few sticks for the next 20+ years, seeing that I play considerably less
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