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Originally Posted by mariecon View Post
Like I said, it was probably a silent ban. They wouldn't expose him as it would be bad for the sport so they disguise it as a lesser infraction. But you know if a tennis player misses 3 OOC tests in an 18 month period they are supposed to be suspended? Why does this surprise you? How else can you ensure they get tested? I still think that's too lenient.
It isn't a silent ban. Other players have described that day in their autobiographies. Ryan Giggs also had a drug test that day not long after training, and was asked by the tester if he had seen Rio. Giggs said that he hadn't. Soon afterwards, there was controversy all over the media about it, and it dragged on and on and on and on, with people like Dick Pound wanting a draconian sentence. 4 months after the missed test, Ferdinand had to serve an 8 month ban.

As for the testing system in tennis, I personally advocate blood tests for every single player during all tournaments. Why isn't this done? The almighty dollar/pound/euro, that's why.

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