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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post

If the stringbed is too springy (as you claim), than increasing the tension is obviously an option. If you find that you cannot increase the tension without making it too "boardy", than you might consider going with a softer co-poly or even a control oriented multi (both of which would allow you to string tighter without giving away too much comfort).

Your pocketing comment is a little trickier when coupled with your other comments, so I'll just add this: some people complain of less pocketing w/stiffer strings at high tensions. So if you do increase the tension to solve your springiness issue, than be aware of how that affects whatever you mean by pocketing. Overall, though, my gut tells me you should try a softer string at a higher tension because it seems like you want to lose the excessive springiness* without also losing the "pocketing" & comfort. *I would not say the PHT is particularly springy, as polys go, but I'm trying to work with your comments.

Keep in mind: sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect string & tension for a given racquet. However, if you are having constant trouble finding the right setup for a particular racquet, you might also have to turn your focus on the racquet.

Thanks for your comments Jonathan I have a feeling that the Prestige S might not suit my playing style. I've tried altogether 4 different string setups, but none of them worked for me. I have a fast swing speed, and can swing freely with the Prestige MP's and the Max200G, and still have the control and pocketing in the stringbed that i like. I dont know if this is related to the weight / swingweight of the racquet.

I will definitely be giving the new Biomimetic M 2.0 a try From the specs it looks almost identical to the Max200G, just a tad smaller head size.

Pity though, i really love the Prestige racquets (would sleep with them under my pillow, but the wife wont let me) , but i play better with the i guess that's that. Thanks again.
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