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yes i can. everyone already knows how grips produce different results. this is common knowledge and nothing new. I can post 100's of articles from other sites that say differently than the site you posted (that we've all seen posted here 100's of times). i can find videos of world class players and former and current atp coaches saying the same thing. I can find literally 1000's of posts on this website alone all agreeing.

i'm not sure why you think you can challenge the status quo after reading one article on a website.

And you cite Federer as an example. That's absolutely the worst example you could provide. It's Federer. The greatest player of all time who does most things differently and better than anyone in history. Take away Fed and Rafa from your 2 man sample and tell me that you see no difference or little difference in eastern vs western shot production from the rest of the tennis playing population.
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