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Finally got a full playtest of this racket today. It definitely performed better than I had expected. Very solid stick, I am considering making it my regular playing racket.

Serves: the serve one of the strongest aspects of my game, my second serve is often stronger than my opponents first and I get a lot of free points. A racket that doesn't perform well in this category is a no-go for me. To my surprise I was able to hit the serve just as heavy and fast as with my prostaff. My accuracy on the first serve was not quite as pin-point but that is to be expected with a new racket. It would take a while before I could be in tune with it like I am with the prostaff 85.

Groundstrokes: I was getting better depth and pace than usual. Fantastic control to boot. Had my opponent running around the court like a chicken with its head cut off. Not quite as good feel or plow like the prostaff but I'm sure a fresh stringjob at lower tension can give me the dwell time I am looking for.

Slice: From what I have read the Mono is a great slice racket. I would rate it as good but not great. I get a good deal more depth and pace with the slice with my prostaff, though with the Mono I was able to get a bit more sidespin causing the ball to tail away quite a bit more.

Volleys: Just as everyone has said, this thing is fantastic at the net. I was getting much better depth and pop on volleys so I wasn't working so hard to put the ball away. After a while I became confident enough where I was serving and volleying fairly often with much success.

Returns: solid returns all day long. It was stable even against the very heavy serve of the young club pro who was filling in for some mens dubs with us.

Overall I see no real weakness in this racket. The only thing I didn't like is that it didn't have the plush feel that I am used to getting with the prostaff but I was hitting such a good quality ball that I could learn to love it, especially with a nice gut or even a multi at a lower tension. I am going to be sticking with this one a little while to see how it grows on me. A must hit IMHO
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