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Originally Posted by frinton View Post
I haven't played with my Monos in a long time and I am not sure anymore what they used to be like exactly, how my game has evolved etc. But I played Mono for around 10 years. I loved this sticks, bit they started breaking down on me (I believe silicone in the handle dried out). Never have I volleyed anymore like I used to with the Mono. I still have 3 of them and wonder were the missing one is... I will not exclude going back to the mono at some point in time.
Did anybody else experience trouble with their Monos? Thy all felt like something was rattling inside the handle. How did you fix it?
Should TW ever consider a re-edition, I would order 4 or more of them. Also the PJ was simple beautiful.
Thinking back it feels like a childhood love
If you take off the butt cap their is a cylindrical lead weight that weighs almost ONE FULL ONCE encased in some silicone type of material. The silicone in mine had broken down into a slimy mush (Something I assume to be very common for this racket as my research has shown me). I cleaned it out and removed the weight entirely. This worked out great as the heat shrink sleeve and leather grip I installed perfectly counterbalanced the lost weight.
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