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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
The idea of serving kick serves for your second serves, and a few of your first serves, it a valid notion, one worth striving for.
In reality, as a 3.0, or 2nd year player, you do not have the racket control to swing up and out, or to swing consistently as fast from one swing to another.
At 3.5, or 3rd year player, there is a chance, but not very good.
At 4.0, or for most people a 4th year player, you can hit a few real kick serves, but don't plan on placing them into each of the 3 quadrants on demand...body, out wide left, out wide right.
After your 4th year of tennis, hopefully somewhere around a 4.0, some of the kicks actually start to work.
Gotta agree with Lee.

Kick second serve is great to have. But I have yet to see a 3.0 who can actually do it.

You are going to get more bang for the buck working on a slice 2nd serve as a 3.0. Once you get that down, and get more experienced, then work on a kick. Most likely by then you will also no longer be a 3.0
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