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Sampras again leading the poll.... omg i donīt have words really

Best server is Ivanisevic or Karlovic - in Ivoīs case he is up there among best servers in every department statistically and he is by far worst besides serve from all top servers.

Goran is arguably best server from 90s and also he can be choosed as best ever

Sampras was great, but to claim he is best server, because i have seen him hit 5unreturnables from 0-40 to win service game or that he was that good and so good is one thing, but honestly he is definitely not best server ever, he wasnīt even best server in his era with Goran, Krajicek clearly better servers, i mean he was way better than those guys besides serve and still they were able to beat him, Krajicek was even tough match-up for him, if Pete was better in all aspects including serve than how the hell he loose so many times?
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