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Originally Posted by Head057 View Post
I tested out two racquets today. A racquet with 6 grams on 3&9 and2 grams on 12. And i enjoyed playing with the racquet with lead on 12. But should I put the same amount of lead to counter balance?
This is what I do: Say I used 4 grams of lead at 3&9, if I want the swingweight to be about same as lead at 3&9 but want it at 12 instead, I'll use 1/2 the lead, 2 grams in this example. The TW reverse customization calculator will show roughly the same result.

I counter balance at the buttcap with the same amount as I would use at 3&9, and 2x what I used at 12. In my example I would use 4 grams at the buttcap for both. Not a magic formula but a good place to start if you are just starting to experiment. Btw I ONLY counter balance at the buttcap if adding lead to the head makes it feel unbalanced. No need to counter balance if everything feels fine.

2gm @ 12
4gm @ 3&9

Counter-balance with 4gm @ buttcap for either

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