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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
didn't sweden have ridiculously high taxes at one Point?

I heard that Astrid lindgren once had a tax bill of 101% of her income.
Yeah, but it was just an error. It was more than 101% btw

Sweden has really high taxes, but the wealth they had up until the 90's was really good and spread even. Free world class health care, free education incl. uni, safest roads, cleanest water etc, the list goes on and on. Then the right wingers came...

Sweden has had a pretty huge amount of immigrants coming to Sweden ever since the early 60's. It's never been an issue.

Anyway, this is a bit off topic, sorry.

I think these things goes in cycles anyway, no country can be on top forever, not even the 320 million pop. USA. Also we can't expect Sweden to get back to how it was in the 80's when they had 7 players among the top 20, with a population of 7-8 million.
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