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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
Yeah, some posters (in all fanbases) are utterly predictable in their responses depending on whether the person interviewed paints their favourite player in positive or negative light.

Personally, I really liked Janowicz's game (his touch and movement especially) from what I've seen from him in Paris last year and while some may see this interview as being borderline trash talking, I think tennis could use more of that and prefer it to drone PR responses (even though I largely disagree with his views).

As long as he also walks the walk, tennis could really use more promising young guns at the moment, that was always one of the most exciting part of tennis for me as a viewer (new balls generation at the beginning of 2000s, Nadal beating Fed in 2004 Miami, Novak reaching 2006 FO QF, Murray beating Fed in 2006 Cincy etc.).
Haha so true. Personally I have no problem with Janowicz, he's entitled to his opinion after all. I wish him the best, hopefully he can do something again this year. I think we're all becoming a bit desperate for someone else to breakthrough really .
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