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Originally Posted by raging View Post
I am trying to learn more about blood doping in sports.

1.Murray has indicated that cost is the problem!(He has volunteered to pay some of the costs himself, not sure if his fellow players will be well pleased)

2.Dr Stuart Miller from the ITF has also discussed the insufficient budget of the ITF for Drug Testing.In other words they are trying to get more money to extend the programme. Where from?

3. Richard Ings, ex-ATP(Corruption & Drug Testing) & Australian Sports Drug Testing Agency has highlighted the difficulties & high costs
of a Drug Testing Program.

With regard to these 3 as sources & all the possibilities of a silent ban/conspiracy amongst ATP/WTA?ITF:

Does anyone know what a single Blood Test for EPO<HGH< etc costs?
I get figures from $100US-$500US depending on whether the test is on site at a tournament OR out of competition testing where Anti Doping Officials have to fly/travel to a players home to carry out the test: COST UNKNOWN?

If cycling, a sport, that generates less revenue, can do doping tests regularly, sure tennis can as well.

It is a matter of will and intention.
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