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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post

As a current user of the RDS 001 MP (to which I added about 10 grams), I was surprised at how much I liked my experience using the 330g version of the 97. I didn't get to play with it long enough to see how the heft would affect me, but I do know that the 310g model is more appealing to me because I could change it with lead tape and keep it under or around 12 oz strung.

I like room to customize, but some people do not like changing their racquets from stock form. That would be your choice to make, but my money is on the 310g version for it's customization possibilities.

The other guys may chime in and help, but you struck a cord with your history with the 100 and wanted to add my input.

TW Customer Service
I would like to play with either racket in stock form, don't like to use lead tape in my rackets.
So, would you say the 310 has good plowthrough and is stable in stock form?

I demoed the VCORE 98 D and the 100S and found they did not have enough mass. The 310 version is not that heavier at least compared to the 98 D, but maybe those few ounces, having a bit more swingweight and being more head light makes a difference if compared to the VCORE 98 D..

Mark from TW liked the 310 alot and told me it felt heavier than the 314 SW would indicate. He said it felt more like a 328 SW similar to the new Head Speed Pro he had playtested also. Would you agree?

I am a singles player, like to drive tha ball and sometimes whip the racket around so I am in a dilemma between buying either the 310 or the 330 version.

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