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About 5 years ago I was playing doubles at my usual spot in the middle of our biggest city. I am a big guy by most accounts (6-3, 250 pounds) but my partner that day was huge ... think what Shaquille Oneal would look like if he was only 6-6.

Any who, we are playing when a group of 10-12 kids come walking by. One of the kids starts running his mouth at us ... "You guys s***, I can play better than you, S*** my D*** .... etc

We ignore the kids and play on. Just then a rock lands on the court, slides comes to rest gently against my foot. Before I realize what is happening my 6-6 friend drops his racket and starts running after the kids. I quickly decide I should follow, because if he does manage to catch a kid he will need me to pull him back.

We chase these kids for 3 blocks without ever having a chance to catch them.

1 hour later a city cop rolls up to the court to question us because they had gotten reports that we were chasing city kids through the streets.
"You should be playing linebacker, not singles."
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