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Red face

Originally Posted by Hawkeye7 View Post
He said he wants to concentrate on fewer events and prepare better for them (to do better in them), which is why he isn't playing anything until IW. He said that he always does better when he's had more time to prepare and since the HC season isn't over yet, it would be weird for him to start playing on clay now. There are a lot more ranking points on offer in Masters events than for 250 events, obviously. You can only count 18 events anyway, so playing everything there is to play on clay wouldn't even improve his ranking.
i know..i saw that interview, but ive always felt he dos'nt play enough..if he played more he could drop his worst results off his 18 tourneys (if he even plays that many now)..but its up to him obviously..

he is good on clay but i think it takes him longer to adjust/ get into it..anyway i am not his coach so thats that on we go..its time to run up and down miami beach (theres plenty of it).

as a women said in the 1967 film 'TONY ROME' with frank sinatra..

"Miami beach..20miles of sand looking for a city, 20miles of pure jerks",

not that murray is a jerk, i just remembered that quote..bwahahahah.
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