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Originally Posted by chunlimeyers View Post
.... hits no spin, or just backspin, aims every shot to the center of the court, never tried to hit a winner. ....
I don't agree with the spin part....
Spin can be very defensive and percentage orientated...

The pusher I played, has a lot of spin on the forehand - slices on the backhand. It's just that he is very defensively minded...He does not have any power, but he does have height over the net....almost Sanchez Vicario like. His aim is for me to make a mistake...aside from hitting more to my backhand (and not just the middle of the court like you say), his strategy basically consists of hitting one more ball than me, uncomfortable hitting area, and lobbing me when I approach. (I have since countered this by standing deeper and reading the lob)

I beat him by going for less (as he just blocks/absorbs power)....being more patient than normal...waiting for a ball to attack or approach. Simply trying to hit through him when his ball is too neutral, will force the errors. One has to almost play to his level, and eventually have a better put away.
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