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Originally Posted by 6-1 6-3 6-0 View Post
This is like turning up every single day to work, even on the days you are ill. Sure, you might get a promotion, but in the end no one will remember you for it. Even though Ferreira has this record, no one cares, because he's a nobody. Whereas other records, like surface streaks (which Nadal holds the record for at 81 consecutive wins on clay), are much more important. They're about WINNING.
But wouldn't you agree that the more records the better? In that case, Federer holds the surface records for Hardcourt and Grass..

Federer also won 17 grand slams in his 53 straight appearances. He also was YE#1 5 years, and holds the record for weeks at number 1 with 302. He also is tied for the record of most major titles at the AO, Wimbledon, and USO, and has a chance to break one or two of those records this year. In addition, he has Silver Medal in singles, Gold Medal in doubles, 6 WTF titles, 21 Masters 1000 titles, and 76 titles overall.

And while Rafa may have 81 consecutive wins on clay, some people don't care about those silly records. They care about winning, and winning on the biggest stages of the game, and dominating the field.
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