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Originally Posted by AR15 View Post
How does this functionality work. I couldn't find the link, in your site, to contact you. Is there a charge?
Hey there!
I might charge for this functionality in future (since I won't be displaying ads within your website), but let's say that first 10 people using it get it for free as a thanks for helping me beta-test it (there's still couple free slots left).

The way the set up works is:
1) Create a account and create your ladder. Do NOT add players yet (so they wouldn't get an email from, but email me at with your ladder details.

2) I will enable your account for this feature, and at that point, you can start adding your players. They will NOT get an email from, since it will be transparent to them that their ladder is hosted somewhere else.

3) Also, I will send you a link that you will use to embed your ladder in your website.

Let me know if this makes sense?
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