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I play ladies 4.0, and . . . well . . . if you watch a typical match you probably wouldn't be too impressed.

Yes, some things are good. Positioning is quite solid. Volleys are usually pretty good, with good technique when players are in the front half of the service box.

Where things break down is on the serve (too many people push or roll their second serves), overhead (if any player is hitting a lob from behind the service line, the chance they will finish the point is pretty small), and approach volley (no one has this shot so people do not transition but instead wait for a chance to sneak in).

Then add in the fact that about 1% of 4.0 women do a split step and you've got yourself some seriously flat-footed play from the other 99%. Way too much standing around.

Sorry, 4.0 sisters, but it's the truth. And I am no exception.
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