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Originally Posted by johndagolfer View Post
Nah Clemson, I am just saying that he's not as "invincible" as I thought he was. He definitely doesn't like retrievers or grinders, which is why I asked Jaggy if that was the type of player he played in Indiana.

He's definitely more fit and more patient this year, but he's going to have to find a way to play those who aren't intimidated by his power and feed him slower spun returns.
Freshman from OU's Axel Alvarez (play #4) has very similar style to Jomby from the few matches I saw him played. I don't think he has as big of a serve as Jomby, but on the ground, he would always try to strike first, putting a lot on his fairly flat and heavy pace forehand (despite being from Spain ). 

Another OU freshman Stakhovsky (play #6) doesn't seem to have much of a weapon with any shot, except for his placement serve. On the ground, this kid plays with fairly spinny forehand, move the ball around, and mix his drive BH with slices and chips. Very much fit in a grinder mold though he does seem to approach net quite often.
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