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I am currently a freshman in college.

The purpose of this post was to expand my knowledge on other sports. Finding articles in the topic I'm studying is EASY when it comes to tennis, but not other sports.

My essay is pretty much about a controversy and choosing a side while backing it up with evidence. I accept both sides of the argument because if I have a point against my side, I can create a counter argument to further support my claim. I think more from the female perspective would help with my essay.

...And no. I am not asking the TT community to do my assignment for me. I'm here pretty often and found a lot of the posters here know what they're talking about. I thought it would be interesting to get a few opinions while finding a few articles on other sports.

I am currently proposing the topic to my professor and it was approved with flying colors thanks to the TT community (or at least the ones that helped...).

Feel free to keep posting!
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