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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
yes i can. everyone already knows how grips produce different results. this is common knowledge and nothing new. I can post 100's of articles from other sites that say differently than the site you posted (that we've all seen posted here 100's of times). i can find videos of world class players and former and current atp coaches saying the same thing. I can find literally 1000's of posts on this website alone all agreeing.
I must apologize for my attitude then... it's certainly not appropriate for discussion to reject all thoughts, let alone for science and comprehension. As anyone on here, I am also passionate about tennis, which can be both bothersome and useful and I apparently slipped into exaggeration.

Of course, referencing only one article is not sufficient and a comparison of Federer versus some other pro does not support the point I was trying to make. Obviously, many factors influence spin production: from the racket tilt at impact, to the swing path, the ball's initial trajectory prior impact and it spin rate, the type of strings, the type of frame, the head size, the stringing pattern, etc.

Just using two or three players is precisely pulling statistics out of an hat... just like using numbers to qualify an impression we have -- it's not any better than what I criticized other people about. Fortunately for us, passion does not equate stupidity, although it produces common symptoms at times, so we can get back to talking in a more civilized manner -- and by "we," I mean "me."

I'll look through the posts and compile the possible answers in the next post I'll publish to update the discussion and allow us to move forward with it.
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