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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
Ok let's not go crazy with the Furman love. I remember when we went up there last year the fans said some of the most offensive things to our players that I have heard at any college tennis venue.

It's easy for the players to be nice and complimentary when they have no shot to win. Boston College has super nice players too cause they are used to losing like Furman.

Furman used to have a better tennis program. But now we have the coach calling his own player an embarrassment to his family because he was losing handily to a Clemson player.
Mellow lost 3&4 to Van Overbeek. He was in the match the whole way and could've hooked a couple calls to make it even tighter. Not what I consider "no chance to win".

Not saying they are a top flight team, nor do I have a clue about their fans in an in state rivalry match. Wait. Why would Clemson ever agree to go to Furman to play? SC and Clemson should always host the in state mid majors. Bad scheduling job by CU.
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