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Default Adidas Climalite stinks

So the family members know that I play tennis and that I sweat a lot, so the new Christmas and Birthday go-to gifts seem to be whatever dry fit type sporting apparel they find on sale.

At this point in my life I have a few Nike's, but mostly cheap Reebok and Champion stuff from the discount club and target, respectively. I love the polyester shirts and refuse now to play in cotton. In my experience they all pretty much perform the same, some are just smoother to the touch.

So this year, somebody gets me 2 Adidas climalite shirts. I wear one to my Wednesday league match.

Man these things suck. I'm friggin soaked and it's cold in this indoor court. Usually the sweat is gone so my body heat is fine considering I'm running around.

Sweat is pooling in odd places all over the damn thing. Might as well have worn a cotton shirt. All the sweat seems to be on the right side, like some sort of funnel action is happening.

So, all polyester sports shirts seem to be the same, except for these Adidas, which suck.
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