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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
we had a poster go to Indiana vs Kentucky and one who went to Baylor vs Tulsa. Any players you guys wish to comment on?
From the Baylor and Tulsa match, my favorite players would probably be no.1 and 2 of Tulsa - De Klerk and Marsland. De Klerk is extremely talented, his timing of the shots was amazing when he's on, taking the ball on the rise with his 2 handed BH, and eastern FH. Opponents will not be able to tell if his BH will be cross-court or down the line, since the motion is extremely fluid and shot got hit very early.

Marsland on the other hand, being 6'6'', just play huge and aggressive tennis both with serves and ground strokes. Because of this, he tends to miss a lot when the condition is tough outdoor and never seems to be a top 30 single player. But his win over Zsiga (as high as #14 or #15 last year) this past weekend just proved how much firepower he had.

Zsiga on the other hand really has disappointed me. I remember seeing him play last year going for big shots on the FH wings and closing points. This past weekend, just a typical grinders trying to get ball back in the court... Baylor's Krikovic was about the same, lefty grinder try to spin a lot of FH to his opponent BH. There was a time when Baylor's players was just hitting their opponents off the court with Benjamin Becker and Denes Lukacs... I guess this is good for my sooners though
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