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Originally Posted by 6-1 6-3 6-0 View Post
A 2-year ranking system is one of the most interesting suggestions I have ever heard in the players' council (and no surprise that Nadal, the most creative thinker in tennis history) came up with it. Players who have consistently been great but have been injured for a while shouldn't be punished because of it, but players like Janowicz, who have done nothing but make 3rd rounds of slams (not impressive) and get to the final of the most unimportant and boring Masters 1000 tournament in world history (next to Shanghai) don't get rewarded for small, explosive runs in a tournament with a slightly high points value. They should be consistently getting good results to prove they can make an impact in the tennis world.
no, babies who cant play a full year without getting injured SHOULD be punished. Also maybe fed thought guys like janowicz shouldn't get extra money for making the 3rd round of a slam (not impressive) and should have to earn that with constantly results?

Also dos you know Nadal just made a groundbreaking discovery in quantum physics? Last week he cured cancer. Next week its alchemy.
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