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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
I agree and will cut it out at the first sign of soreness. I am hoping to keep the sublime feel and touch of the gut but get a little more bite on the ball and dial down the power down just a little. Any other ideas on how to accomplish this if the poly hurts?
Best way to get poly-like control without using a poly cross, and also keeping your gut mains: Isospeed Classic 16, or their Professional Classic 17 (pick the gauge you prefer to use).

Isospeed Classic was my go-to for quite some time when I was having arm pain from using a stiff Wilson racquet a few years ago for just a few months.

I do agree with the poster who said racquet choice is going to affect your arm more than string choice. Now that I am back to using my extremely arm-friendly racquet (flex 58, 12 oz, headlight), I can use even poly in that one and not get any of the arm pain that I had been getting with even full gut on the racquet that killed my arm.

Gut mains with Isospeed Classic crosses = sublime comfort with amazing control. Now I typically use poly crosses, but the control with Isospeed Classic crosses was about the same. It is a low-powered multifilament, with good durability, as the crosses don't notch and fray like other multis, allowing your gut to snap back in place *almost* like poly crosses.

If you are coming back from injury, avoid poly crosses or replace them at the first sign of pain.
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