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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
The main advantage of E grip is its versatility. Meaning you can hit huge topspin or you can totally flatten out or even a drop shot is possible. But, my point is all these options are not equally suited for the grip and I believe the most effective type of shots by E grip is flat with some topspin from loose wrist and pronation. This is like the main attraction in a show. If this part of the fh stroke is not solid, that E fh is not really solid, but if that part is solid that becomes a usable E fh to build the game.

My message: practice your flat shots with E grip. The consistency comes from using the whole kinetic chain effectively. Big topspin is not an absolute necessity for consistency. Learning to use the wrist well in the swing, you can develop a consistent, powerful, and well controlled flat stroke.
I always tried to master the wrist preparation of a FH swing.
If you start with a wrist mindset, expect the worst results like injuries.
If you start pulling the racquet, butt first, and strike the ball with normal swing. Thats a good swing.
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