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Originally Posted by jjs891 View Post

I know that you were trying out 200G and pro one. Would you give us a brief comparison vs 99s. Thnanx.
The 200G and Pro One compare to each other very well. I found the 200G slightly less head heavy feeling and easier to swing. The 200G felt a little more flexible also and had slightly less power. Those 2 are VERY similar, but I choose the 200G due to the fact that I couldn't get a Pro One from TW or Donnay that was equal to or less than published specs.

Comparing the 99s to the 200g/Pro1...The 99s is more of a powerful tweener, like the Juice 100 or Pure Drive with a little more solid feel and spin potential. The 200g/Pro1 are more towards the "players sticks" spectrum and have slightly heavier feeling swingweights. The 99s has the most power of the 3, with the Pro One next, then the 200g. The 200G has the besr feel/touch of the 3, with the Pro1 next, then the 99s. The 200g/P1 are a little harder and more demanding than the 99s and hit a lower trajectory ball.

I love the 200G's and still have 2 in my bag. I want to make sure the 99s has staying power long after the "honeymoon" wears off before I get rid of them. I may keep both for a while.
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