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Default Tons of nice racquets - Need to Sell

Need to sell these, no "R"easonable offer refused. Discounts for multiples. These are just collecting dust.

1ea Volkl C10 Pro "fishnet" 4-1/2 in 8/10 condition. Strung with hybrid - $55

2ea Gamma 340X 4-3/8, 93 sq in around 12oz strung, both in 9/10 condition and both strung with hybrid - $40ea

2ea Prince Speedport White Pro, both 4-3/8. One in 8/10 condition and one in 7.5+/10 condition. Both strung - $55ea

5ea Fischer Progressor NT 27.5", all five in 8+/10 condition and strung with syn gut - $40ea

2ea Wilson KTour, both 4-3/8, one in 7/10 condition and one in 5/10 condition. Both strung and both structurally solid - $40ea

2ea Vantage BC40 105 sq in, both 4-3/8, spinny and soft ala EXO3 Tour, solid stick, both in 9/10 condition and both strung with KGut and syn gut - $80ea

goose1002 at yahoo dot com
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