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Originally Posted by pennc94 View Post
As a 4.5 male, I have also abandoned 8.0 mixed.

It is not fun. It forces you to abandon traditional doubles strategy.

I agree with the poster that suggested straight up 4.0 mixed or 4.5 mixed.

I would take it one step further:

Either do not allow seniors to play 18+, or rate them down 0.5 (so a 4.0 senior plays as a 3.5 in mixed). In my experience, this applies more to the ladies. I have played against 4.5 senior ladies and they are nowhere near a 4.5 man and nowhere near a younger female 4.5.
That's the nice thing about golf handicap indexes. When you play against another handicap, you know that's their handicap skill level REGARDLESS of their age or home golf course.

In other words, an 18 year old with a handicap index of 10 will be fairly matched against a 70 year old with a handicap index of 10.
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