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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
That's the nice thing about golf handicap indexes. When you play against another handicap, you know that's their handicap skill level REGARDLESS of their age or home golf course.

In other words, an 18 year old with a handicap index of 10 will be fairly matched against a 70 year old with a handicap index of 10.
Without opening an already much-debated subject, NTRP is supposed to be (relatively) independent of age or gender....although we all know it's not and even USTA says this:

5. Does the NTRP rate men and women on the same scale?

A. The NTRP is used to rate both men and women, but men's and women's ratings are not intended to be equivalent. When rating themselves, players should use players of the same gender as reference points. However, for those individuals wishing to compete against players of the opposite gender, the following can be use as a guide. At approximately the 3.5 rating for a man, a woman with a 4.0 rating will be competitive. When a man reaches the 5.0 level or above a woman needs to be approximately 1.0 higher in order to be competitive.
emphasis mine and from this USTA link on FAQs about NTRP

That being said, why does USTA allow such mismatched combinations as a 4.5M/3.5W in mixed competition at all?
A 3.5 masquerading around with a 4.0 mask on.
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