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Originally Posted by 10isfreak View Post
We have a wording problem, actually. I understood your claim differently than what you meant, I think.

What I had in mind was the racket head going up: that is, the contact location on the string bed was bellow the spatial contact point, so that the racket did drop before contact.

In mind the racket going partially bellow the contact point was enough to make a call. But, now that I see the videos, I got your point: Federer does hit very horizontally. Federer also gets a very nice pronation around contact... apparently, just getting your hand and forearm in the right position before swinging makes it happen because of some muscular reflex.

Would you say that any decent Eastern Forehand involves that sort of swing path and arm action?
Going by the said youtube video of Fed's FH, I just want to point out to everyone to look into Fed's arm direction and the ball prior to impact. Does anyone see its like a billiard on cue, directed at us, viewers?

This is suffice to say that his grip hand is already out front and the ball impact is yet to come.

My diagnosis, Fed's pronation from this point out is just all follow-through. The follow-through creates the pronation, not Fed exerting pronation. His racquet's swingweight takes the job of providing impact/energy to the ball.

Going against my diagnosis, you're gonna get wrist and/or elbow injury.
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