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Originally Posted by Alchemy-Z View Post
I try to practice in off peak hours on public courts if I am going to be by myself.
Like week nights 4-8pm it is hard to get a court....but show up at 8:30 and you just about get the place to yourself.

Thing that bothers me the most are the tennis the other day I was playing singles with a friend and the court next to us was 2 guys and 1 girl they had blue jeans was wearing flip flops that had some walmart racquets and the were obviously new...or just doing it for fun dinking shots back and forth.(high school kids making good use of the nice weather)

then a group of 4 ladies show up...NIKE head to tow matching tennis bags and tell the girl that they need to get off court so they can play "real tennis"

My friend was closest and said "Ladies the wait time is 1 hour and they started 5 min after us and we have been here for 30min so you can wait for us for 30min...or 35 for them

Lady says "fine but I am calling the parks department"

Good for you! Everyone has the right to play tennis equally. There is no judgement on how well they play.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I think this may be a local thing. I simply do not see that around here. It seems that so long as a person is actively using the court to "play tennis," they have every right to use the court.

I don't doubt what you are saying for where you live, but I think things have changed around here. Two people cannot bump one person, and four people cannot bump two -- around here, anyway.

That said, I do think it is kind to be as considerate as you can regardless of the rules.
Didn't used to be that way in Northern Virginia. No one would have thought of being that selfish with a scarce commodity. It is because society has changed and being selfish is no longer thought to be out of the norm. Besides, we would have harassed the person to leave if they didn't leave. If they were cooperative, we would have helped them pick up the balls and, if somewhere close in tennis-level, might have invited the person to hit with us a little during the warm-up.
Never seen 4 people try to bump two, though. Might have led to a knife-fight or gunfight at some of the courts we used to play at.

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